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How to Use the Nextdoor (App) to Be More Neighborly in Your Neighborhood

It’s been only three short years since Nextdoor launched their private community platform for social networking – neighborhood style. To date Nextdoor is showing no signs of slowing down with its acclaimed awesomeness by all those who use it.

IMAGINE: Facebook (+) Craigslist (+) The News (+) Networking (+) Referrals (+) Crime Fighting (+) Info Sharing (+) Saving Money (+) Good Samaritan Lollapalooza = Your Neighborhood Online.

Nextdoor has been featured on almost every mainstream media outlet and mentioned in countless articles as one of the top private social networking platforms available and on the rise.

My initial Google search for “Private Social Networks” pulled up first page articles from Mashable, Sgrouples, and Techhive with Nextdoor being at the top of the lists.

I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled across this awesome app, but I’ve been using it for at least a year now. In the process of using Nextdoor I have met some amazing people, saved money on painting my apartment, and made a little extra money through referrals. I’ve also recently discovered a new yoga studio that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live. This particular yoga studio seems to be hard to find through regular avenues of searching for places to get my stretch on so in my book, Nextdoor gets extra kudos for facilitating this phenomenal find.

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