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Angela HallAngela Hall is a 15+ year seasoned entrepreneur, social media strategist, and serial blogger with a relentless ambition to be, one of the many, initiators of positive change in the world.

Founder and Creative Director of Lotus One Media, Angela consults clients on techniques for added personalization in their business and interactive strategies for the optimization of creating a more genuine social media presence online.

With a work history focused on client relations, since her first job at 16, Angela’s real passion has always been the human connection. “A breath of fresh air. Her gift is her heart,” and from the heart is where Angela seeks to discover the gap between each and every potential connection; an idea waiting to be had, a voice hoping to be heard, or a brand trying to connect with their audience.

Writer, entrepreneur, adventurer, activist & blogger; Angela currently spends her time between Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO. For more information on Angela and to follow her story visit  FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google PlusNakedHonest.Com, or About.Me