Though often overlooked and underestimated, Social Media is one of the greatest assets for personalization in our businesses and in our communities.

Getting down to BUSINESS:

With the average American subjected to 2,000 to 5,000 ads daily, the corporation and the media conglomerate world has dominated our regular routines for roughly 150 years. In that time those worlds and the ads that represent them, are thought to be more about show than actual value with a whopping 78% of us inoculated to their charms. Some of us are simply distrusting, and while the rest of us may not be able to fully articulate our reasoning, the majority expresses their point of view somewhere along the lines of, “It just doesn’t feel right.”

We now prefer and find more value in the recommendations of our friends, family, peers and even strangers over the average ad. This is the beauty of social media – it places us, the everyday person, as the relatable and most reliable news source for our generation.

Where things get PERSONAL:

Social Media is a virtual community that enables people to interact, share, create and exchange information and ideas. Social Media platforms put the power back in the hands of the individual, giving each of us better control over what information we are exposed to and how we want it delivered. Ironically, the virtual world of Social Media also creates a more transparent form of conversation. What goes online stays online. This truth creates a greater awareness in each and every presentation of ones self. Through social media our reach and the possibilities of creating positive change in this world is unlimited.

So, whether you are a parent or grandparent trying to stay in touch with your globe trotting kids, an aspiring actor building your career, a budding writer saving time in your learning process with instant critiques, a passionate musician trying to get heard, an inspirational artist changing the world one brush stroke at a time, a well seasoned brick and mortar business owner checking things out (because everyone else is doing it), or just someone who cares about their community and looking for ways to get involved – this is the place for you!

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In today’s world, endless possibilities are literally at our fingertips.